»Letterheads Lockdown« am 6. und 7. Juni 2020

Better Letters of London is hosting a free, experimental event that includes live demos, small panels, quizzes, and more with fellow sign painters, calligraphers, and lettering artists all over the world.

The day-long Lockdown Letterheads conference begins at 9:00 BST (London time).

09:00 (London) Welcome
Sam Roberts & Mike Meyer, Better Letters (@betterletters)
An introduction to the 24 hours to come, and a journey through Mike Meyer’s 32 years of attending (and hosting) Letterheads events around the world.

10:00 Panel Jamming
Alphabetics Anonymous (@alphabetics_anonymous)
Watch the Alphabetics Anonymous gang painting their lockdown pieces together, and join in at your own easel using the pre-designed templates to get going with your brush.

11:00 Shadow Effects Step-by-Step
Pieter Snijders, Bold Statements (@BoldStatements.nl)
Pieter will be working through some simple techniques to add bold shadowing effects to block lettering. You are invited to draw along so pick a letter from this document and have a pencil, a ruler, eraser and some tracing paper or regular A4 paper to hand.

11:00 A.S. Handover Q+A
A.S. Handover (@ashandover)
The team at A.S. Handover will be taking your questions live. Think about what you’d like to ask about brushes, paints and other materials and they’ll respond to as many as they can in the time available.

12:15 Copperplate Script with a Brush
Paul Antonio (@pascribe)
Paul will introduce Copperplate Script and how it is formed with a nib, before moving on to the process for working with a brush to produce this lettering style.

13:00 A Day at the European Lettering Institute
Jolien Goemaere (@jolien.goemaere) and European Lettering Institute (@europeanletteringinstitute)
European Lettering Institute alumni Jolien Goemaere takes us on a video tour to share the work of the current students and teachers at the institute in Bruges, Belgium.

13:30 Reverse Glass Gilding Demonstration
Adrian Perez, El Deletrista (@eldeletrista)
In this video presentation (in Spanish with English subtitles) Adrian will be working through the steps used to create a basic reverse glass gilded piece with blended shades. (This session repeats later.)

14:45 Building a Lettering Network
Marie Pischel, Schriftstudio Marie Pischel (@mariepischel)
Marie will share her experience of forming a dispersed network of lettering professionals and enthusiasts across Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and how they now support and develop each other’s work.

15:30 Blackboard illustrations
Michael Tilley, The Blackboard Artist (@theblackboardartist)
Michael will be showing his process for creating simple but effective illustrations for chalk boards. You are invited to draw along with pencil/pen and paper, or with your own board and paint pens if you have access to them.

16:30 Virtual Type Safari
Sarah Hyndman, Type Tasting (@typetasting)
Sarah will take you on a virtual walk around Dalston in East London, looking at signs and lettering in the public realm and using these to uncover hidden typographic secrets. The walk is followed by a virtual pub quiz to test your new knowledge.

17:30 Vintage Viennese Sign Books
Josef Samuel (Schildermalermuseum) and Tom Koch (@tom_koch_bespoke_communication)
4th generation sign painter Josef Samuel runs the Schildermalermuseum (Sign Painting Museum) in Vienna, Austria, and in this session will be taking a look inside some of the extremely rare books in his collection, along with some items relating to the history of the Samuel sign firm. (See the film about Josef Samuel.)

18:00 Lettering and Sign Painting Gems from Letterform Archive
Stephen Coles, Letterform Archive (@letterformarchive)
Letterform Archive’s Associate Curator & Editorial Director Stephen Coles will be guiding a virtual tour through the archive’s extensive collections through the filter of lettering and sign painting.

18:30 The Letterheads Story and Oath
Mark Oatis
Mark was one of the original seven Letterheads, a group of sign painting apprentices who started meeting in 1975 to share knowledge, skills and time together. He’ll be telling the story of what happened to the Letterheads after 1975, before formally inducting all newcomers via the ‘oath’ and taking some questions.

19:00 Sketching
Noel B. Weber, Classic Design Studio (@noelbweber)
Original Letterhead and author of the Sign Painter’s Sketch Book Noel B. Weber will be sharing his design process from initial roughs to final drawing, doing so on a bespoke Lockdown Letterheads piece.

19:30 Signs & Signwriting Quiz
Sam Roberts, Better Letters (@betterletters) and Ghostsigns (@mrghostsigns)
Test your knowledge of signs and signwriting in this rapid-fire quiz spread across five rounds, one of which will be a picture round. Download the template answer sheet and compete with friends in other locations via alternative chat apps (e.g. Whatsapp) before posting your scores once the answers are revealed.

20:15 Lettering on ipad
Joluvian (@joluvian)
Jolu will be sharing insights into his process for lettering using an ipad in this demonstration. If you have Procreate then watch via another device and follow the techniques as he goes.

21:00 Quiz Answers
Sam Roberts, Better Letters (@betterletters) and Ghostsigns (@mrghostsigns)
Answers given for the earlier quiz (see above at 19:30).

21:15 Letters of Fileteado Porteño
Gustavo Ferrari, Ferrari Fileteados (@ferrarifileteados)
Gustavo will demonstrate the lettering associated with this vernacular decorative style of work from Buenos Aires in Argentina, which was recognised by UNESCO in 2015 as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

22:00 Calligraphic Pad Jam
Calligraphy Masters, hosted by Alice Mazzilli (@alicemazzilli)
Four pads, and four calligraphic tools, all being used to create the same words and phrases in parallel, while providing a commentary on what is being done, how, and why.

23:00 Pictorial Painting: ‘Hilda on a Tire Swing’
Mike Meyer Sign Painter (@mikemeyersignpainter)
Mike will demonstrate his techniques for quick and effective pictorial work, first using a projector to set out before painting, and then showing how to work directly off the projector.

01:00 The Brazilian Popular (Casual) Alphabet
Filipe Grimaldi (@filipegrimaldi)
Filipe will discuss and demonstrate the style known in Brazil as ‘Popular’ which is a vernacular casual found across the country.

02:00 Inspiration from Vintage Books
Jason Carne, Lettering Library (@jasoncarne)
Jason’s Lettering Library provides access to high resolution scans of rare and out of print lettering and sign painting books and in this talk he will share some of these and how they have provided the inspiration for his own contemporary lettering work.

02:30 Light Capsules & Vectorising Ghost Signs
Craig Winslow (@craigwinslow)
Craig will be sharing his ongoing work on ‘light capsules’, a custom process he has developed to recreate the graphics of vintage painted advertisements in order to recreate them through illuminated installations around the world. This will include sharing some of his techniques for vectorising the lettering found on these signs.

03:15 Las Vegas Icons at the Neon Museum
The Neon Museum (@theneonmuseumlasvegas)
Through three short videos the Neon Museum shares three items from its vast collection of discarded icons of Las Vegas signage: Barbary Coast, Sassy Sally and Moulin Rouge.

03:30 Pricing Sign Work
Damon Styer and Scott Thiessen, New Bohemia Signs (@nbsigns)
The team from New Bohemia Signs will be sharing insights into how they go about the dark art of pricing signs and sign work, with an opportunity to ask questions.

05:00 But Where Are You Really From?
Michelle Nguyen, Signs by Meng (@allthingsmeng)
Michelle will talk through the experience of putting on her San Francisco show that aimed to celebrate diversity within sign painting. She’ll be joined by sign painter and contributor to the show, Bryan Yonki, who moved from Chile to America, but continued with the trade while doing so.

05:00 TYPOgraphHQ Tour
Nicole Arnett Phillips, TYPOgraphHer (@typographher)
Typographer Nicole Arnett Phillips will show us around her new TYPOgraphHQ on New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula. She will introduce us to her „Inky Beasts“ (nine letterpress machines), have a rummage through the type drawers and take a look at the print and sign painted artworks currently on display in her studio.

05:30 Love Letters Screening
Letter Exchange (letterexchange.org)
This short film documents the work of Letter Exchange through the experiences and reflections of four members that represent the diversity of lettering disciplines within the organisation: Phil Baines; Richard Kindersley; Stephen Raw; Rachel Yallop.

06:00 Working with Blends
Liane Barker, Brush & Pen Studio (@brushandpenstudio)
Liane will share her techniques for creating blends with signwriting paints on flat surfaces and on glass pieces.

07:00 When Better Letters Met Barbara Enright
Barbara Enright (@barbaraenright)
The premiere of this new short film will be followed by a brush lettering demonstration and Q+A with its star, Barbara Enright. (See the previous films in the series.)

07:45 Inside the People’s History Museum
Mark Wilson, People’s History Museum (@phmmcr)
Manchester’s People’s History Museum is largest collection of British political material and in this video presentation Mark Wilson will be sharing some of their historic hand-crafted trade union banners.

08:15 Reverse Glass Gilding Demonstration
Adrian Perez, El Deletrista (@eldeletrista)
In this video presentation (in Spanish with English subtitles) Adrian will be working through the steps used to create a basic reverse glass gilded piece with blended shades. (This session is repeated from earlier.)

08:45 Closing Ceremony with live music from Helen Shadow
We’ll close everything out with a live music performance and an opportunity to say goodbye (for today) in the Zoom chat room.